How Did Clear Die?

She’s one of the many people who appear in the opening credits of The Final Destination. In the alternate ending of Final Destination, Alex saves Clear from the wire that was meant to explode the car she was in, and instead from being electrocuted and passed out, he was caught on fire, and died.

Did Alex die clear?

In the alternate ending of the film, Alex and Clear had made love on the beach before meeting Carter and Billy Hitchcock at their school, resulting in Clear’s pregnancy. Later on, Alex dies after the live wire sets him on fire, incinerating him while attempting to save Clear.

When did clear rivers die?

Clear Rivers
Age 18
Date Of Birth Sept. 5, 19
Date Of Death May. 15, 2001
Status Deceased

How did Kimberly and Officer Burke die?

Kimberly Corman – the last survivors of the infamous Route 23 Pileup – died instantly yesterday when they were pulled into a malfunctioning industrial woodchipper. Both were pronounced dead at the scene by local paramedics. According to eyewitnesses, Ms.

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Did anyone cheat death in Final Destination?

Believing that they have escaped death, the survivors proceed to go on and live their lives. Except it is discovered that they cheated Death’s design that he had placed for them to follow. As a result, Death comes for each of them one by one in the order they were supposed to die on the flight.

Did Claire survive Final Destination?

Larter was delighted when New Line reinstated her and found it “terrific” that she had some input into the script. As a result, Sawa’s character was killed off-screen in Final Destination 2, as divulged by Clear to Kimberly during their first meeting.

How old is clear rivers?

In the script of Final Destination 2, she is described as: CLEAR RIVERS, 19, While still beautiful, this young woman bears few traces of her former self.

Who is the black man in Final Destination?

William Bludworth is a fictional character in the Final Destination film series, portrayed by Tony Todd.

Who all dies in final destination?

Position Name Cause of Death
1. Nadia Monroy Decapitated by car tire
2. Carter Daniels Bisected by flying car hood
3. Samantha Lane Trampled and crushed by car engine
4. Andy Kewzer Impaled through mouth by dislodged wood plank

What happened to the survivors of Final Destination 2?

The original script to Final Destination 2 revealed that Alex Browning and Clear Rivers both survived, and both decided to help Kimberly Corman save the survivors of the Route 23 pile-up. However, the idea was changed so that only Clear survived and Alex was written out and killed off in between movies.

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What happened to Wendy after final destination3?

In her premonition, Wendy died by falling on the roller coaster tracks. In her actual death, she died on the trains tracks. The voice of the mortician from the first two movies played the conductor on the train. A subway musician started singing “Turn Around, Look At Me,” which was a recurring song in the movie.

Are Final Destination deaths possible?

While a lot of us will likely probably die of old age or some degenerative disease, freak accidents can happen at any time. … Basically, death can come at people in any way and at any time and Final Destination perfectly captures this, which is why the series is so damn scary.

Are the Final Destination movies connected?

Are all the Final Destination movies connected? Yes! All Final Destination movies are based on five different events that happen in order and are connected to each other in terms of storyline.

What happened to Alex after Final Destination?

In the original ending for Final Destination, Alex dies in an explosion after saving Clear, but not before Clear becomes pregnant with his child, as implied by another deleted scene showing the possible moment of conception. In another ending, which was filmed, but never used, Alex is decapitated by a helicopter blade.

What is the ending of Final Destination?

Nine months later, Clear gives birth to a baby boy named Alex, named after his deceased father, saving her and Carter from Death. At the end, Clear carries Alex Jr. and reunites with Carter at the Flight 180 memorial. Clear states that they only won the chance of a “full life”.

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How did Final Destination 5 end?

The film ends with the main characters, 2/3 of the only survivors of the film, getting on a plane to Paris. They believe that they’ve beaten Death, they cheated the system, and have a new lease on life. It’s slowly revealed to the audience though, that not everything was what it seemed.

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