How Is William Shatner Doing?

According to The Sun, while Cuoco is not Shatner’s daughter, he has three real-life daughters who he had with his first wife, Gloria Rand. Per the piece, Leslie Shatner is his oldest daughter, who is now 63 years of age and has two children. His second daughter is Lisabeth Shatner, who aspires to be an actor too.

How old is William Shatner now?

91 years (March 22, 1931)

How old is William Shatner and what is his net worth?

Full Name: William Shatner
Net Worth: $100 Million
Age: 90
Country: United States
Born: March 22, 1931
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How did William Shatner cure his tinnitus?

A device resembling an hearing aid was placed in Shatner’s damaged right ear. So-called white sound is beamed (so to speak) into his ear, greatly reducing the chronic ringing. “We have an 80-percent success rate,” Mattox said. About 800 people have been treated here.

Does William Shatner get royalties from Star Trek?

During one of his endless troll fights on Twitter, William Shatner reveals that he receives zero royalties from playing Kirk on Star Trek: TOS. Original Captain Kirk William Shatner reveals that he receives no royalties from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Who is William Shatner’s famous daughter?


Does William Shatner have any children?


Does William Shatner have a son?

William Shatner OC
Children 3, including Melanie Shatner

How old was Leonard Nimoy when he passed away?

83 years (1931–2015)

Who is William Shatner married to?


Who is the richest Star Trek actor?

  • William Shatner, $100 million. …
  • Leonard Nimoy, $45 million. …
  • DeForest Kelley, $5 million. …
  • James Doohan, $7 million. …
  • Nichelle Nichols, $8 million. …
  • George Takei, $12 million. …
  • Walter Koenig, $8 million. …
  • Majel Barrett, $60 million-plus.

How much money has William Shatner made from Priceline?

It’s an “urban legend” that pitchman William Shatner made as much as $600 million from receiving stock in the company, said Jeffery Boyd, chairman, and CEO of the online travel website.

How much Priceline stock does William Shatner own?

The 65,000 shares were later subject to a 1:6 reverse stock split in 2003, meaning he held more than 10,830 shares, as of the NYT article. If Shatner held all those shares through to Thursday, they would be worth $13,050,150 – a nice sum, but substantially lower than the $600 million rumors.

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Does William Shatner still suffer from tinnitus?

William Shatner

Kirk has been a vocal member of the American Tinnitus Association for years. As the result of standing too close to a special effects explosion during the filming of Star Trek, Shatner has described his tinnitus as a loud screeching sound in his head that would not go away.

Does Steve Martin have tinnitus?

Steve Martin states that his tinnitus began while filming his movie “The Three Amigos” after an on-screen shootout. Excessive noise, like gunfire, can cause tinnitus and may also cause hearing loss.

Does Whoopi Goldberg have tinnitus?

Whoopi Goldberg is very open about her hearing loss and tinnitus. She wears hearing aids in both ears and believes the very loud music she listened to for years is the cause.

How much was Patrick Stewart paid for Star Trek?

He took home a salary of $5 million for the 1996 film “Star Trek: First Contact.” He then followed up with a $9.5 million payday for “Star Trek: Insurrection.” In 2002, he earned $14 million for his role in “Star Trek: Nemesis,” which also included production credits.

How much do Star Trek actors get paid for reruns?

The original series had a strong fanbase when it was canceled after three seasons in 1969. Its popularity picked up during reruns in the 1970s. How much money could we potentially be talking? Well, for a series like Friends, the actors are said to pull in approximately 20 million dollars a year in residual payments.

Did the cast of Deep Space Nine get along?

As far as I know, the cast got along fine, but, unlike with the TNG cast (who are all apparently good friends), the DS9 folks simply kept it a bit more professional.

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Who are William Shatner’s three daughters?

In 1956, the then-25-year-old Shatner wed fellow actress Gloria Rand. They proceeded to have 3 children together: Leslie,63, Lisabeth 60, and Melanie, 57. Rand would later watch her husband rise to television fame, with the iconic show Star Trek, in which Shatner played the lead, premiering in 1966.

What age is Kaley Cuoco?

36 years (November 30, 1985)

Does William Shatner have any grandchildren?

William Shatner on Twitter: “I have and 2 teen grandsons and 3 granddaughters who are not yet teens.

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