How Long Is Pikes Peak?

Quick Facts About Pikes Peak Highway

Time: The round-trip journey takes about 2-3 hours, not including stops for photos, time spent at the summit and other activities. Fuel: There are no gas stations along the highway.

How many miles is Pikes Peak hike?

The most popular way to get to the summit of Pikes Peak is via the Barr Trail. This 13-mile (one-way) hike gains 7,400 vertical feet in elevation from Manitou Springs to the 14,115-foot summit of Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain.

How much does it cost to drive up Pikes Peak?

December 1 to April 30
Adults (16 and Over) $10 per person
Children (6 to 15) $5 per person
Carload Discount Rate (Up to 5 passengers) $35 per car
Carload Rate Additional Adults $7 per adult

How difficult is the drive up Pikes Peak?

The drive to the Pikes Peak Summit is 19 miles long, has 156 turns, and climbs 6,715 ft from the entrance of the highway. That might sound scary, but as long as you use common sense, are cautious, and follow the guidelines, driving to the top of Pikes Peak is not dangerous at all!

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Is it hard to breathe on Pikes Peak?

It’s high enough to get altitude sickness

Unless you’re acclimated to this altitude, you’re bound to feel the effects. The air is thin at the summit and holds about 60% of the oxygen your body is used to. Prepare to feel out of breath as soon as you get out of your car.

Is Pikes Peak worth the drive?

Driving up Pikes Peak Highway is definitely more of an adventure than taking the railway. The 19-mile highway is lots of fun and you may even feel a little bit of an adrenaline rush driving up the steep curvy mountain roads with death drops on both sides. Or at the very least it will get your heart pounding.

Can a beginner hike Pikes Peak?

One of the most popular trails in the Pikes Peak region, the Crags Trail (Forest Service Trail 664) in the Pike National Forest is an easy/moderate hike of less than 6 miles round trip; it offers stunning views of the lower part of Pikes Peak and the surrounding areas.

Are there bears on Pikes Peak?

During the summer, it’s not uncommon to see black bears roaming through local neighborhoods looking for leftovers. If you were wondering why Coloradans have their trash locked down tighter than their mountain bikes, it’s because of these guys!

What is the best time to go up Pikes Peak?

The day of your hike, start early-early, like before the sun comes up. You want to be off the mountain by the afternoon. A general rule of thumb for high-altitude climbing in Colorado is to be headed down the mountain before noon, due to afternoon showers and storms, even in the summer.

Is Pikes Peak Open all year?

Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is open year round* – weather permitting. Conditions change frequently, it is recommended to call our pre-recorded information line. The staff updates the info approximately 30 minutes prior to opening and then as conditions change throughout the day.

What year did they pave the road going up to Pikes Peak?

Racing fans know Colorado’s 14,115-foot Pikes Peak for the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. What’s likely less understood is how and why the road, built in 1888, only got fully paved in 2011. It has nothing to do with the race.

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What time does Pikes Peak close?

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Do you need a 4×4 to drive Pikes Peak?

You do not need a 4WD. There are no gas stations but no reason to have one. It’s simply a short drive up a mountain. The only issue you need to be aware of it not riding your brakes too much on the way down.

What’s the temperature on top of Pikes Peak?

CURRENT WEATHER CONDITIONS Pikes Peak – 14,115 feet – 4302 meters 38° 50′ 27″N – 105° 02′ 31″W 4/15/2022 04:05 AM Updated and refreshed every 5 minutes.
Current Today’s Lows and Highs
Temperature 9.9 10.1 @ 12:03 AM 8.5 @ 2:13 AM
Wind Chill 10 min. avg. -7.4 -12.7 @ 2:14 AM
Wind Speed 10 min. avg. 22.7 E 29.2 @ 4:00 AM

Can you do Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in one day?

Yes you can visit both Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak in one day. The trip up Pikes Peak via the Cog Railway or the Pikes Peak highway takes approx. 3 hours round trip.

Do people get sick at Pikes Peak?

Because of this, few of our visitors experience altitude sickness on our trips, but they can if they venture to nearby Pikes Peak before or after. Fortunately, altitude sickness is not inevitable for most people. All you need to do to protect yourself is take certain steps ahead of time.

Do you need oxygen on Pikes Peak?

The summits of Pikes Peak and Mount Quandary are roughly the same, both at about 41 to 42 percent less oxygen compared to sea level. Mount Everest, the highest summit in the world, has around 67% less oxygen than sea level! That’s why so many people need additional oxygen as they summit Everest.

Can you get sick after leaving high altitude?

If you travel to a high elevation without letting your body adjust to the new altitude, you may experience altitude sickness. Symptoms include headache and nausea. If you return to a lower elevation, your symptoms will likely go away without needing treatment. In severe cases, altitude sickness can be life-threatening.

Why is Pikes Peak so famous?

Pikes Peak is the 31st highest peak out of 54 Colorado peaks. It is the farthest east of the big peaks in the Rocky Mountain chain, which contributed to its early fame among explorers, pioneers and immigrants and made it the symbol of the 1859 Gold Rush to Colorado with the slogan, “Pikes Peak or Bust”.

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How high is Pikes Peak above sea level?


Is Pikes Peak pretty?

From the gateway at an elevation of 7,400 feet, you’ll encounter some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world as you wind your way through an alpine wonderland of scenic beauty, mountain reservoirs, beyond timberline, overtaking the clouds…

How do I train to hike Pikes Peak?

Get out a few days per week with a loaded backpack. Gradually build up from just 1 hour of sustained hiking to as many as 8 hours of total effort. Walking on dirt or rocky trails, preferably uphill, is the best way to emulate the challenges that await you on the slopes of the Peak.

What class is Pikes Peak?

Pikes Peak is a very busy mountain, largely due to its proximity to Colorado Springs and its class 1 route.

Is Pike Peak a 14er?

Some of the Colorado’s best-known fourteeners include the tallest, Mount Elbert; Pikes Peak, which inspired the poem “America the Beautiful”; and Longs Peak, which resides inside Rocky Mountain National Park.

What animals live at the top of Pikes Peak?

Pikes Peak abounds with fascinating wildlife, and visitors frequently see elk, deer, and yellow-bellied marmot en route, plus Pikes Peak is home to one of Colorado’s largest bighorn sheep herds.

Are there moose on Pikes Peak?

Pike National Forest is home to some of the most abundant wildlife viewing in the region that range from turkeys to Moose.

Are there mountain goats on Pikes Peak?

A must see for all Colorado visitors! We were fortunate to encounter a herd of mountain goats who stopped traffic as they meandered across the road. Great vistas from the top as well as many of the pullouts along the way.

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