How Much Is A Train Ticket From Manhattan To Long Island?

The distance between Long Island and New York, NY is 49 miles. The road distance is 51.6 miles. How do I travel from Long Island to New York, NY without a car? The best way to get from Long Island to New York, NY without a car is to train which takes 2h 23m and costs $13 – $25.

How long is train from NYC to Long Island?

The best way to get from New York, NY to Long Island is to train which takes 2h 57m and costs $14 – $25.

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Do you have to drive through NYC to get to Long Island?

and yes you either have to go through a bridge or tunnel to get there since you are bypassing manhattan which is an island and going to the geographic Long Island which is another island.


How do you get around Long Island without a car?

  1. Arriving by train. During peak hours, the Long Island Rail Road (aka the LIRR) is the way to beat the traffic, but it runs with less frequency than the bus. …
  2. Arriving by bus. …
  3. Getting around town. …
  4. Uber/Lyft. …
  5. Taxis. …
  6. Circuit. …
  7. Biking. …
  8. Train.

How do you get to Long Island?

Is it safe in Long Island City?

The rate of crime in Long Island City is 86.68 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Long Island City generally consider the east part of the city to be the safest.

How far is Long Island from the city?

Long Island To New York City travel time

Long Island is located around 73 KM away from New York City so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach New York City in 1 hours and 32 minutes.

Is there a ferry from NJ to Long Island?

With departures from Manhattan at East 35th St., and from Highlands, NJ, travelers will enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to Port Jefferson where they can explore the scenic harbor-front village or continue on toward Eastern Long Island to Calverton, Southampton, Sag Harbor or East Hampton.

Is the Long Island Railroad working?

The Long Island Rail Road operates seven days per week with service and branches from Manhattan to Montauk. Most of the Long Island railroad stations are open during normal business hours. Many of the stations are equipped with automated ticket machines so you can purchase your tickets before boarding the train.

How much does it cost to take the Long Island Railroad?

LIRR offers both the $5.50 Round-Trip (2 rides) separately or on Round-Trip ticket types. If bought separately, a $1 fee will apply ($6.50 total cost). Round-Trip tickets may be purchased with a $5.50 MetroCard on the reverse side. Monthly tickets automatically come with a MetroCard on the reverse side.

What train do you take to Long Island?

LIRR service runs 24/7, with different schedules depending on destination and time of day. Our system includes over 700 miles of track on 11 different branches, stretching from Montauk on the eastern tip of Long Island to Penn Station in Manhattan, approximately 120 miles away.

Do you need a ferry to get to Long Island?

Long Island is served by two year-round ferry lines that cross the Long Island Sound, connecting Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, Connecticut and Orient Point to New London, Connecticut.To visit Fire Island, the car-free island, hop on one of the six ferry routes to the different parts of Fire Island.

Can you get to Long Island without crossing a bridge?

The only way to get to Long Island (I assume you mean Nassau and Suffolk Counties) without going through New York City would be to take a ferry from either Bridgeport or New London, Connecticut.

Do you need a car to visit Long Island?

To arrive at Long Island after the airport, either drive by car or rideshare service or take the JFK AirTrain connecting the airport to the Long Island Rail Road at Jamaica Station for service to Long Island.

Are there Ubers in the Hamptons?

Take an Uber All Over the Hamptons

Today, there are notably more rideshares available in the Hamptons than there were only a year or two ago. According to an Uber spokesperson, there are tens of thousands of rides given by Uber drivers every month in the Hamptons.

Do you need a car for Montauk?

Let me say that again: You need a car to get around Montauk. A bike will also do the trick, but honestly, the distances between the major sights in Montauk are sufficient that I’d have preferred a car for moving between places.

Is there a train to the Hamptons?

Types of Trains

The Long Island Railroad runs trains to the Hamptons from New York City via regular and express service. The regular Hamptons Coach Service trains make all station stops and reaches Westhampton in around two hours, terminating at Montauk after a three-hour ride.

How long is the Long Island ferry ride?

Sailing Time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes on our auto ferries. Sailing Time is approximately 40 minutes on our HIGH SPEED ferry.

Is Long Island cheaper than NYC?

Cost of Living

In fact, Long Island is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States beating out New York City. It costs a family of four around $140,000 just to get by comfortably. Taxes, of course, are what make the bulk of expenses, followed by housing, transportation, and health care.

Is Long Island City cheaper than Manhattan?

You’ll also find Queens neighborhoods such as Long Island City have a lower cost of living compared to Manhattan. Manhattan particularly has sky-high rent, which can send your budget into a tailspin if you’re not prepared (average rent in that borough is over $4,200, according to RentCafé’s analysis).

Is Long Island City Expensive?

Long Island City has been ranked by PropertyNest as the most expensive neighborhood in Queens going into 2021, with the average income needed to rent in the once-industrial neighborhood well into six figures.

How long is the train ride from New Jersey to New York?

Distance 9 miles (14 km)
Average train duration 18 min
Average train ticket price $17 (€15)
Train frequency 51 a day
Direct train Yes, there are 51 direct trains a day

How much is the train from Penn Station to Long Island?

The quickest way to get from Penn Station to Long Island City is to train which costs $19 – $220 and takes 2h 53m.

How far is Staten Island from the city?

The distance between Manhattan and Staten Island is 18 miles. The road distance is 25.3 miles.

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