Where Can I Hear Paul Harvey The Rest Of The Story?

For more than five decades the most listened-to voice in America belonged to Paul Harvey. Now it will be heard again on WGN 720-AM — longtime Chicago flagship of his vast radio empire.

Who narrates the rest of the story?

Paul Harvey
Show The Rest of the Story Paul Harvey News and Comment
Network ABC Radio Networks
Military career

Who narrated the rest of the story?

Paul Harvey
Show The Rest of the Story Paul Harvey News and Comment
Network ABC Radio Networks
Military career

Who replaced Paul Harvey?

His guest hosts in the 1990s and 2000s are faces we still see in conservative circles of power and politics. When Harvey passed away in 2009, his show was taken over briefly by his son, followed by Gil Gross and then Mike Huckabee.

What was Paul Harvey’s famous line?

Radio personality Paul Harvey, seen in 1952, greeted listeners with his trademark telegraphic delivery punctuated by his patented pauses: “Hello, Americans! This is Paul Harvey! [pause] Stand by for news!” He’d end each broadcast with his signature: “Paul Harvey. [long pause] Good day!”

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Who is famous for saying and now you know the rest of the story?

The minute I say, “Paul Harvey,” you can already say it, “And now you know the rest of the story!” Talk about a radio icon—Paul Harvey was one for sure.

What did Paul Harvey call his wife?

Paul Harvey Aurandt (September 4, 1918 – February 28, 2009), was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and became internationally recognized as Paul Harvey, an American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He and his wife, Lynne (whom Harvey called Angel), lived in River Forest.

Does Paul Harvey Jr still broadcast?

Paul Harvey Aurandt Jr., known on-air as Paul Harvey Jr. (born 1948 or 1949), is an American pianist, radio broadcaster and a former host of News and Comment on ABC Radio Networks. He is the only son of Paul Harvey and his wife Lynne. … He ended the broadcasts by saying, “Now that’s news”.

What is the theme of the rest of the story?

Themes. A major theme in the book is about the topography of people in the vacation towns, after a trip by Dessen to White Lake and the gentrification of the area inspired her.

Did Paul Harvey ever act?

Biography. Primarily a character actor, Harvey began his career on stage and in silent films. He appeared in the Broadway and original film versions of The Awful Truth, then had supporting roles in many Hollywood films, often portraying dignified executives or pompous authority figures.

How rich is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey’s net worth is a staggering $200 million, as of June 1, 2021. Steve has earned his fortune from his successful career in comedy as well as radio and television show hosting. He presently hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, and Celebrity Family Feud.

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Where does Paul Harvey Jr live?

‘ and canonized her, and ever since people have been falling in love,” says Harvey, who lives part-time in Chandler.

When did Paul Harvey stop broadcasting the rest of the story?

Paul Harvey News and Comment proved immediately popular in Chicago and was nationally syndicated by the American Broadcasting Company in 1951. In 1976 the program spun off The Rest of the Story, whose brief biographical narratives were written by the Harveys’ only child, Paul Harvey Aurandt, Jr.

Who said good day?

The story behind the quote: The quote comes the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The general plot of the film is that five kids find golden tickets in the candy bars produced by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

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